Keeping a busy event on track

The Supercars Championship is one of the most important events in Australian motorsports. Supercars race days are broadcast into the lounge rooms of up to one million Australian homes and thousands of spectators attend each round. Given the popularity of the championship, the importance of well-designed event maps wasn’t lost on us. Here’s how we made a mark on race day.

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The Challenge

Ahead of the Townsville leg of the Supercars Championship, we were asked to create a map that would play a role in enhancing the overall spectator experience. The map needed to be fun and engaging, and in line with the recent Supercars rebrand.

The Outcome

Being trackside is fun and thrilling. Being lost isn’t. Our solution for the map was to use 3D illustration to give spectators a bird’s eye view. The use of iconography allows the reader to easily identify key locations including facilities, entertainment and race viewing areas. The success of the map has seen us roll out the concept for every round of the championship.