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Brand Identity & Graphic Design Services

We help businesses build bold and distinctive brands by clearly expressing and communicating their business’s unique offering and beliefs to the world.

We work with you to not only shape how your brand looks, feels, and speaks to your audience, but tailor a consistent and comprehensive experience everywhere they interact with it — whether that’s in-store, at an event or online through your website and social media accounts.

We provide complete branding and marketing services for your business so that you can succeed in the digital age.

Logo Design and Identity Systems

Together we will create a logo design and identity system that successfully communicates who you are plus differentiates yourself from your competition in a memorable way.

We will make sure the identity can be applied consistently to everything from your car to your website. Depending on your business needs we can tailor a scalable and flexible system that can grow and evolve as your business grows.

Verbal Branding, Naming and Messaging

The way in which you choose to talk to your audience defines your brands identity. From the tone of voice to the choice of words, they help build your verbal identity.

If you want a competitive advantage, it's important to craft messages that align to your audience's interests and that clearly communicate the difference of your product or service. We can help you articulate your brand messages and promises, find your tone of voice and help you name your business, products and services.

Brand Style Guidelines

Consistency is the key to success in branding. To ensure a consistent application of your brand we can create a rule book that explains how your brand elements are to be used. The guidelines cover items such as logo usage, typography, colour, image style and iconography usage.

Marketing Collateral and Brand Content

Your customer touchpoints are everywhere your customers experience your business. We can effectively and consistently apply your branding and extend your brand voice to all your touchpoints from advertising, websites, brochures, billboards to social media and video content.

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