Getting traction in a competitive tyre market

Falken Tyres is a performance tyre brand that has a rich history of producing world-class performance tyres. We worked with Falken's marketing team to help launch their flagship performance car tyre, the Azenis FK510 and leave a mark on their Australian audience.

The Challenge

Falken Tyres is a known leader in high performance tyre technology who utilise their professional motorsports involvement to further develop and improve their products. The launch video had to capture its racing pedigree whilst showcasing the Azenis FK510's impressive list of features.

The Outcome

Through the use of 3D CGI design we were able to get up and close to focus on the impressive engineering feats of the Azenis FK510. Our setting of course, a Motorsport facility and a retail shop. The sound production and voice over were carefully produced to bring the production to life. The product launch also involved the roll out of various print and point of sale materials

MarkMade Motion Design Storyboard for Product Launch

Take a peek behind the production by viewing our process reel below.