Shining a spotlight on sustainability

Teys Australia is one of Australia’s leading beef suppliers. From the farm to the boardroom, the company takes its commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability seriously.
Though it’s family run, the business is conscious of communicating these core values to external partners and stakeholders. To do this, the 2015 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report had to leave a positive mark, so Teys Australia enlisted us.


TEYS Australia


Report Design
Print Management


When was the last time you read a corporate report from cover to cover? While these documents contain important information, few are page-turners.

Teys Australia challenged us to design a document that would reflect the company’s vision and engage an audience of corporate partners, stakeholders and the wider community. It had to make readers want to know more.

Graphic Design for Teys Australia


Authenticity was the inspiration for this report. Right down to the sustainably sourced paper we used, every detail was carefully considered.

Compelling visuals complemented the story told in the text, while the development of tables and graphs allowed us to break out important information.