Designing a healthy brand

In sickness and in health, Family Doctors Plus takes a modern, holistic approach to medicine. It is a fresh new practice in Brisbane focusing on preventative healthcare, wellness and nutrition, and getting you better when illness does inevitably strike.

To ensure their patients stay healthy, the team includes GPs as well as specialists, nurses, a dietician, a physiotherapist, a health coach, an exercise physiologist, a speech pathologist and occupational therapists. Ready to make a mark on the healthcare industry, they approached us to build a new brand.


Family Doctors Plus


Logo Design
Visual Identity System
Brand Style Guidelines
Website Design
Proposal Templates


Family Doctors Plus needed a brand to reflect its unique approach to healthcare. There’s a lot of competition in the local GP marketplace, so the brand needed to differentiate the clinic in a fresh way.

Few people enjoy visiting the doctor, so we had to ask ourselves how we could reflect a brand promise of health, empowerment and proactive care.

Logo Design and branding for Doctors


While healthcare is universal, it takes on a slightly different meaning at each new stage of life. Drawing inspiration from the idea of holistic healthcare and the significance of ‘plus’ in the brand name, we developed a logo mark that succinctly communicates the diversity of the clinic’s services.

The colour palette reflects the clean and fresh environment the team wanted to provide. This was then applied throughout the interior design of the space, in order to deliver a cohesive patient experience. We also built the brand out through stationery, a website, proposals and brand style guidelines.