Designing a heart-stopping identity

Adrenaline levels go through the roof at the AUS-X Open. It’s the biggest action sports event in the southern hemisphere, where the world’s best supercross and freestyle motocross riders put everything on the line in the hope of glory.

Action-packed and awe-inspiring, the event leaves a lasting mark on spectators as they sit excitedly at the edge of their seats. We teamed up with AUS-X Open to amplify that mar


AUS-X Open


Logo Design
Visual Identity System


Ahead of the event’s launch in Australia, AUS-X Open threw down a branding challenge with a number of must haves. The new brand needed to be high impact and it had to get fans pumped.

Additionally, the identity had to be versatile enough to be applied to multiple signage, broadcast and advertising requirements, as well as merchandise.

Logo Design and branding for Events


We developed a brand designed for maximum impact and adaptability. Movement in the identity incites a sense of action, while the modular design works in both landscape and portrait formats.

Being involved in the AUS-X Open is a badge of honour for fans, so we also made sure the design could be repurposed for different types of merchandise.