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Content Production Services

In a world of endless video content, it’s a constant challenge for brands to stand out amongst the noise. We blend insights, ideas, inspiration and branding to help reach your audiences in new, informative and entertaining ways. Our team can help you choose the right medium to make your vision a reality — whether that’s film, visual effects, animation or other modern techniques of motion storytelling.

MarkMade 3D Animation Video Production

3D Animation

The best way to explain to someone that your product will solve their problem is to show them how it works. 3D animation can empower marketers as it allows a business to communicate its product's unique capabilities, features and benefits in ways that would be difficult to explain using film. This medium works strongly for product demonstrations, brand stories and advertising.

MarkMade 3D Animation Video Production
MarkMade 2D animation Video Production

2D Animation & Motion Design

Moving visuals have the power to draw your viewers into your story, explain effectively and leave a lasting impression. Animation and motion graphics allows for the creation of dynamic and distinctive visuals which can be stylised to your brand's image. This medium works strongly for product explainers, brand stories, advertising and presentations.

MarkMade Film Video Production

Film Production

Film has the ability to authentically show people having real world experiences with your product or service. This medium works strongly for brand videos, behind the scene storytelling, consumer testimonials and instructional videos.

MarkMade Film Video Production
MarkMade 3D Branding in Video Production

Branding in Video

A well-branded video helps to establish familiarity with your brand, increasing brand awareness and recall. We can make sure your video content supports the image of your company with dynamic and distinctive visuals.

MarkMade 3D Sound Production

Sound & Music Design

Sound and music set the mood, evoke emotion, and is often the most important and overlooked element of video production. It can be used as a powerful tool for driving consumer recall. The right music can have a huge impact on your video performance. We will breathe life into your production by finessing the perfect combination of dialogue, ambience, sound effects & music.

MarkMade 3D Sound Production

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