Localising a global brand

Falken Tyres is synonymous with performance. A global brand born in Japan, the company is continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We help them to tell this story and leave a mark on their Australian audience.

Graphic Design support for businesses

The Challenge

To fortify the company’s global presence, Falken recently implemented a rebrand. The new branding aligns with Falken’s history, values and products, but this wasn’t a one-size-fits-all project. We worked with Falken to roll out and localise the new branding for the Australian market

The Outcome

We delivered a streamlined brand experience across many of Falken’s key touch points. Setting the company up for longevity in the Australian market, we developed all brand materials in synchronicity with the global brand, while fine-tuning it for greater local appeal.

The comprehensive Australian roll out included design for the following:

point of sale collateral // B2B and consumer promotions // game design // internal communications // stadium and dealer signage // social media // car and truck livery design // press advertising